Hanoi Vespa Tours: Hanoi Countryside To Co Loa Village By Vintage Vespa
Adventure of a lifetime

Hanoi Vespa Tours: Hanoi Countryside To Co Loa Village By Vintage Vespa

Hanoi Vespa Tours –  Hanoi Countryside To Co Loa Village By Vintage Vespa OVERVIEW:

Leave behind the bustling streets of Hanoi and delve into the peaceful countryside of Northern Vietnam with our bespoke Vespa tour. Guided by seasoned experts, uncover lesser-known treasures as you journey through charming villages along the scenic Red River Delta. Immerse yourself in the authentic rhythms of local life, admire stunning vistas of farmland, and delve into the rich history of the Co Loa ancient citadel temple. Featuring thrilling rides and genuine culinary encounters, this tour provides an ideal fusion of city escape and rural serenity for adventurers in search of a distinctive experience.

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  • FAQs
  • 1. Do I have to ride the motorbike? No, you do not have to ride the motorbike; all of our guests ride pillion behind one of our experienced and professional licensed driver/tour guides. Riding pillion is a fun and safe way to explore the city.
  • 2. Are food and drink included? Yes, all authentic local food and drinks are provided
  • 3. What will happen if it rains? We run our tours in rain or shine, and we provide high-quality rain ponchos to all of our visitors. Please keep the adventure spirits on our excursions.
  • Skill Level: Available to everyone, no prior experience necessary.
  • Who find this experience appealing? This opportunity is ideal for individuals who find joy in immersing themselves in the daily activities and are keen to discover new adventures in Hanoi.

Sightseeing – Food – Culture  & Fun

  • Whatsapp to book! +84(0)982416518 or Email: info@asiamotorbikeadventures.com
  • Group Tour Price:$55 $59.99 per person
  •  Private Tour: $69 per person
  • Tour Price without lunch: $45    per person
  • Morning Tours from 8:00 – 13:00 (Lunch included)
  • Afternoon Tours from 13:00 – 18:00 (Lunch included)
  • Hanoi Countryside Motorbike Tour
  • Children under the age of 12 receive a 30% discount, while children aged 3 to 5 are free.

HIGHLIGHTS: Hanoi Vespa Tours – Hanoi Countryside To Co Loa Village By Vintage Vespa

  • Take a tour around rural Hanoi with vinatage vespa
  • Visit Long Bien historic bridge – a symbol of the tenacity and resilience of  Hanoian
  • Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city
  • Visit Hoi Phu village which is famous for making broomsticks a popular traditional craft in Red River Delta.
  • Learn about Vietnam’s agriculture and countryside
  • Learning about the changes of the rural life in the transition process of urbanization and modernization
  • Meet a local family living in a traditional 200-year-old house and chat about their daily life over a cup of tea and peanut candy
  • Choose from a morning or afternoon departing 
  • Engaging with the diverse strata of reality backstage, the submerged iceberg landscapes, and the untapped domains.
  • Diving into the multifaceted layers of city existence, from the enchanting to the eccentric.

 ITINERARY: Hanoi Vespa Tours – Hanoi Countryside To Co Loa Village By Vintage Vespa

At either 8:00 AM or 1:00 PM, our guide and drivers from Asia Motorbike Adventures will meet you at your hotel to initiate our Hanoi countryside vintage Vespa Tour. Our guides will provide a safety briefing and detailed itinerary.

On the first stage our Hanoi countryside vintage Vespa Tour will take us away from the hustle and bustle atmosphere of Hanoi and into the countryside, where we can explore and discover old rural villages and take a look into the daily lives of the locals. We will also be provided with the opportunity to visit and meet with a local family, to enjoy sweets and fresh tea while conversing with them with the help of our tour guide as a translator.

On the second stage our Hanoi countryside vintage Vespa Tour we will visit Hoi Phu village, renowned for producing broomsticks, a traditional craft passed down through generations in the Red River delta. Here, visitors can observe skilled broom makers weave and craft beautiful and functional brooms from broom grass.

For the third stage, we cruise through ocal farms, the lively green rice paddies, off the beaten paths, and dirt roads, before arriving at Co Loa Citadel Temple. In addition to exploring the historical places and taking in the breathtaking environment, we will learn about Vietnam’s rich history here. Co Loa is associated with the legend of Thuc Phan, An Duong Vuong, who established and defended the nation from foreign invaders.

Concluding our Hanoi Countryside Vintage Vespa Tour, we’ll unwind in a local restaurant back in town, savoring authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Afterward, indulge in a visit to a nearby café renowned for its Vietnamese Egg Coffee or treat yourself to a tempting Mango and Caramel Pudding dessert at a popular local spot before being dropped off back at your hotel.


Fun and enthusiastic tour guide, Helmets and raincoats, all drinks, Local lunch or dinner, Experienced and licenced drivers, Good quality motorbike, Pickup & drop off

Whatsapp to book! +84(0)982416518

Email: info@asiamotorbikeadventures.com

Where and Why Co loa?
  • Co Loa is an ancient archaeological site located about 15 kilometers northeast of Hanoi, Vietnam. It is known for its historical significance as the capital of the ancient state of Âu Lạc, which existed around the 3rd century BCE. Cổ Loa is famous for its circular citadel and its association with the legendary King An Dương Vương, who built the citadel as the center of his kingdom.
  • The Co Loa ancient Citadel is a complex of outer and inner walls, moats, and ramparts, designed in a concentric circle pattern. Nowadays only some archaeological remains, including tombs, temples, and artifacts dating back to the prehistoric and early historic periods of Vietnam.
  • Co Loa endures as a powerful emblem of Vietnamese strength and cultural heritage, acting as a vibrant repository showcasing the rhythms of daily life in the Hanoi countryside. Operating as a living museum, it sustains the essence of traditional Vietnamese wet rice farming culture, offering visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in and appreciate this cherished aspect of the nation’s heritage.


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