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Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to take a few moments to explain what sets our tours apart from others and why you should consider booking with us:

  • Our drivers are not only licensed, but also have extensive experience driving motorbikes with an exceptional safety record. Furthermore, they undergo a rigorous three-month training program to ensure the highest level of safety and expertise. We carefully select the most skilled and composed drivers to provide you with the safest possible trip.
  • Our motorbikes are primarily the latest model Automatic Honda Lead 2018, equipped with advanced features such as the Combi breaking system and LED lights. Not only are they some of the most environmentally-friendly motorbikes in Vietnam, but they also provide a comfortable and reliable mode of transportation.
  • Our tour guides are all former tour leaders with 8-10 years of experience working for international travel companies operating in Vietnam. They possess a wealth of knowledge about Vietnamese customs, traditions, and culture, and are skilled at taking care of our clients in the most relaxed and professional manner possible. Our guides are passionate about Vietnam and take pride in sharing their beloved country with our guests.
  • We offer authentic Vietnamese cuisine and local delicacies that are not typically found in tourist restaurants. Our food selection reflects the everyday meals of Vietnamese people and provides a unique culinary experience for our guests.
  • Our itineraries are handcrafted and unique, the result of years of searching and careful selection. We strive to provide a tour that not only covers the highlights of each city but also showcases hidden gems that are not to be missed.
  • Our previous customers have loved our tours so much that they often return for a second tour, and many highly recommend us with 100% excellent feedback on TripAdvisor.

We hope to welcome you soon on one of our tours.

Thank you for your time.


Asia Motorbike Adventures