Hanoi Countryside Jeep Tours To Bat Trang Ceramic Village Led By Women
Adventure of a lifetime

Hanoi Countryside Jeep Tours: Jeep ToursTo Bat Trang Ceramic Village

OVERVIEW: Hanoi Jeep Tours –  Hanoi Countryside Jeep Tours To Bat Trang Ceramic Village

We will go to the outskirts of Hanoi to explore Bat Trang ceramic and pottery villages. This trip will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi, immerse yourself in the quiet  Vietnam Countryside with stunning views, magnificent landscape, vast greenish  farmlands, and tranquil pagodas.

Bat Trang village was formed during the Ly dynasty and is regarded as the birthplace of Vietnamese pottery. The exceptional quality of Bat Trang ceramic, which are divided into functional categories such as domestic ceramics, religious items, fine pottery art, architectural ceramics, and decorative ceramics, has been well acclaimed.


1. Does the Jeep have covers? No, our Jeep vehicles have an open roof top so you can experiencing Hanoian life to the fullest.
2. Are food and drink included? Yes, all authentic local food and drinks are provided
3. What will happen if it rains? We run our tours in rain or shine, and we provide high-quality rain ponchos to all of our visitors. Please keep the adventure spirits on our excursions.

Skill Level: Available to everyone, no prior experience necessary.
Who find this experience appealing? This opportunity is ideal for individuals who find joy in immersing themselves in the daily activities and are keen to discover new adventures in Hanoi.

  • Morning Tours 8:00am – 12:30 (Lunch included at the end)
  • Afternoon Tours 13:00pm – 17:30 (Lunch included at the beginning
  • Duration: 4,5 hours
  • Pick-up & Drop-off: Your hotels in and around Hanoi’s Old Quarter or we’ll agree on a meeting point for your convenience 
  • Group tour price: 59 USD  $69.99  per person
  • Private tour price: 69 $ per person
  • Whatsapp to book! +84(0)982416518 or Email: info@asiamotorbikeadventures.com
  • Your booking is only confirmed after you get a reply from us through Email or WhatsApp

HIGHLIGHTS: Hanoi Jeep Tours –  Hanoi Countryside Jeep Tours To Bat Trang Ceramic Village 

  • See Hanoi highlights and hidden gems in style by open-air Vietnam Legendary Jeep
  • Cruise through expansive and lush gardens to enjoy breathtaking scenery of Northern Vietnam countryside 
  • Go off the beaten path to get a glimpse into the lives of the locals
  • See, hear, feel and taste Hanoi on a motorbike
  • Zig-zagging through traditional village alleys and enjoy cool breeze on Red river bank
  • Cross Long Bien historic bridge –l a symbol of the tenacity and resilience of Hanoian
  • Get to know about the daily life of the locals in the countryside over a cup of tea in their home
  • Visit Bat Trang ceramic village  temple to learn more about Vietnam historical past.  the history of the thousands year old Bat Trang Ceramic village
  • Experience an authentic local lunch and get your caffeine fix with unique Vietnamese egg coffee or enjoy yummy Mango Pudding dessert in place popular with locals.

ITINERARY: Hanoi Jeep Tours – Hanoi Countryside Jeep Tours To Bat Trang Ceramic Village Led By Women

  • At the start of the Hanoi Countryside Jeep Tour, you will be met by the tour guide and driver in the hotel lobby, where you will receive a detailed itinerary and safety briefing. The first leg of the tour will take you out of the city and along the banks of the Red River, offering a serene drive through the picturesque countryside.
  • On the first stage of our tour we visit at an ancient village that serves as a perfect example of the traditional villages that were once scattered across the Vietnamese countryside. You will get to see the village gate, pagoda, temple, and communal house and experience the bustling local life as you watch the villagers work, play and pray. As part of this exploration, you will also meet a local family and have a chance to share some tea and candy with them, with your guide serving as a translator.
  • The second stage of  Hanoi Countryside Jeep Tour unfolds before you a captivating landscape adorned with the vibrant hues of a lush green garden. The winding dirt roads, less traveled and off the beaten path, beckon you to explore the hidden treasures that lie beyond the ordinary. This stage promises a sensory feast for nature lovers, with the fragrance of blooming flowers and the symphony of rustling leaves creating an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of ordinary tours.
  • The third stage of the Hanoi Countryside Jeep Tour unveils itself, weaving through the zigzagging alleys of the village, each turn revealing a new facet of the local lifestyle. The heart of the Bat Trang Ceramic village unfolds before your eyes, offering a rich tapestry of experiences that delve into the history and craftsmanship embedded in every nook and cranny.At the heart of this historic village, you will encounter the oldest kiln, an architectural marvel that bears witness to centuries of ceramic craftsmanship. Feel the resonance of the past as you explore the intricate details and craftsmanship that have been passed down through generations. The village temple, a spiritual anchor for the local community, invites you to immerse yourself in the cultural and religious practices that have shaped the lives of its inhabitants.Step into the bustling atmosphere of the ceramic workshop, where skilled artisans bring clay to life, transforming it into exquisite pieces of art. Witness the delicate dance of hands, molding and shaping clay into intricate patterns that reflect the essence of Vietnamese ceramic tradition. Engage with the artisans, gaining insights into their time-honored techniques and the passion that fuels their creative expressions.
  • The final stage of the tour concludes with a visit to an authentic Vietnamese restaurant, where you will enjoy a variety of fresh Vietnamese cuisine, including local specialties and traditional dishes. Finally, the tour ends with your drop-off either back at your hotel or a nearby location within reasonable distance in Hanoi.
  • Dressing standard    Light and comfortable clothing and shoes. Sunscreen and sunglasses. A light jacket or long sleeve top for Winter months from December to February is recommended.
  • Tour style    This is join in group tour but you can book a private tour with small surcharge depending on your group size, please contact us for details!
  • Inclusions  Legendary Vietnamese Army Jeep, pickup & drop off, fun and enthusiastic English speaking tour guide. Experienced and licensed drivers, entrance fees as indicated, local lunch, bottled water and drinks: egg coffee, local beer,  raincoats(if needed),  face-masks.