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Hanoi Motorcycle Tours

Vietnam is the Kingdom of motorbike as it is the most popular mean of transportation in the country. The best way to travel into the heart of this amazing country is by motorbike at Motorbike City Tours we offer 4 programs for travelers who want to see the real Hanoi.

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    Program 1:  HANOI INSIGHT

    Starts 8:00AM & 1:00PM daily   $ 59 or 1,330 VND.

    Meet our guide and drivers at your hotel for a safety brief and detailed itinerary of our journey.  We then enjoy your ride to the must see landmark of Hanoi and the hidden parts of this great city which is full of culture and history where we would see  truly how local Vietnamese people live, work, play and pray. We ride through the backstreets, zigzagged routes that the car or bus could not access. Some places a tourist never ever seen and experienced.

    The sights: amazing and vibrant atmosphere of the most typical streets that make the old quarter, railway residents, Huu Tiep lake and the down B-52. Long Bien 100 years old bridge, ceramic road, a quiet island filled with greenish color of vegetable farm, relaxed West Lake, Tran Quoc pagoda.


    Starts 8:00AM & 1:00PM daily              $ 65 or 1,460 VND

    We will ride out of Hanoi to a 800 year old village to see life of people in the countryside. Meet a family and try some candy with tea and have time talking to them with our guide assist as a translator. Continue our trip by passing through green rice paddy and off the beaten paths dirt road we come to Co Loa citadel temple  where we  will learn more about Vietnam history  a land associated with the legend of setting up, keeping the country as well as against foreign invaders of Thuc Phan An Duong Vuong dating back 300BC.


    Our trip departs at 8:00AM and finishes at 4:00PM      $ 95 or 2,140 VND

    Our adventure today is a combination of Hanoi before and now, urban life and peaceful atmosphere in the village. Driver and guide pick you up at hotel then we drive to countryside out of Hanoi through the historic Long Bien Bridge. Along the way we immerse ourselves into rice paddy, fruit garden, local villages to reach Co Loa ancient citadel dated back 250 BC. Meet a local family to learn more about life in Red river delta. Then we have lunch in a local restaurant before heading back to Hanoi to continue our city tour with visit to Tran Quoc pagoda, Temple of Literature and Ho Chi Minh complex.


    Tour departs daily at 6:00pm – 10:00 pm            $ 69 or 1,550 VND

    This is a foodie tour so come with big appetite as lots of delicious drinks and exotic food are waiting for us. The first stop on our tour is a family run eatery where Hanoian claim it is the best spot for steam rolled cake Banh cuon in town. The skilled chef will demonstrate us how ingredients are put together. Then weaving through the streets selling colorful lanterns and decorations lights in the old quarter to bright up your night before stop at the train track where local residents do all daily activities on it. The tour continues taking us to the river banks to have a glance of Hanoi city on both side of the Red river. Following t amazing ride then takes us through town to try different street eats and famous local delicacies like Banh cuon, Banh Goi, kem xoi- sticky rice ice-cream, egg coffee.

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